Swoogle is a search engine in Semantic Web which is to search for documents. Semantic web is marketed as the next generation of representation of online content where the web documents are represented in a language that is not only simple for people, but also machine-readable. The Resource Definition Framework (RDF), Web Ontology Language (OWL), which is intended to provide a systematic description of concepts, terms, and relationships within a given field of knowledge, are the key elements of the semantic web. Swoogle is an effort to mine this latest set of web documents and index them.

Swoogle Homepage

The engine performs…

Before discuss about the Web APIs let’s first look at what is a API. Basically API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a set of functions that enables applications to access data and communicate with components of external software , operating systems, or microservices.

What is Web API?

Simply web API is an API over the web that can be accessed using HTTP protocol. It is a framework that helps to build and develop RESTFUL services based on HTTP. Web APIs can be developed using java, .NET etc. Basically Web API is a web development concept. It is limited to the client…

This article is as an requirement of course SENG 41283 : Distributed and Cloud Computing https://science.kln.ac.lk/tunits/setu/index.php/component/sppagebuilder/90-seng-41283.

Here I’m going to setup the sample environment in Azure Cloud platform based on the following cloud architecture.

Cloud Architecture

In order to setup the sample environment in azure platform as the first step I referred to the https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/guides/developer/azure-developer-guide to get familiar with the azure platform. In here first I would like to explain about the main components that I used in azure.

Resource Group


Cryptographic hashing algorithms are also known as hash functions basically scramble of data. In general, a hash function can take an arbitrary amount of data, apply a mathematical formula, and generate a output of a fixed length, called the hash. Sometimes hear that the original data referred to as the message, and the result is referred to as the message digest. Mostly, hashing is used as a convenient way to store data. Hashing is predicated on a few main concepts. The first is the fact that hashes are one-way; that is, it can use the hash and the data to…

In my previous article I have briefly explained about the cryptography and secret key algorithms in cryptography. In this article I’ll demonstrate the public key algorithms in cryptography.

Asymmetric Key Algorithms

Asymmetric key algorithms are also known as public key algorithms. In asymmetric key algorithms, there are a set of keys both for the encryption and decryption systems. One is called the public key, and the other, the private key. When the message is encrypted with one key in the pair, then the message can only be decrypted with the pair’s other key. Asymmetric key algorithms aren’t as fast as symmetrical key algorithms…


Cryptography is basically both the practice and the study of hiding information. It has worked to protect confidential documents for decades. Today, cryptographic techniques of the modern day are used in several ways to ensure safe communication. Authentication, integrity, and confidentiality are components of cryptography.

Symmetric Key Algorithms

Symmetric key algorithms also known as secret key algorithms because these algorithms basically use one & only key in the encryption and decryption processes by both the involving parties. When compare to the asymmetric key algorithms, symmetric key algorithms are more secure and very fast. …

RabbitMQ is an open source message-queuing software also known as message broker or queue manager. Basically it is a software where queues are predefined in order to transfer messages of connected applications.


As an example if we take a web application, message broker acts as the middleman to that application. RabbitMQ architecture basically has 3 parts of client application which is the sender called as producer, broker(message queue) and the receiver called as consumer. Producer is creating the messages and publishing it to the message queue. …

Basically RMI is a method for accessing / invoking an object operating on another JVM by an object residing in one JVM. RMI is used to develop distributed applications; provides Java programs with remote communication using stub and skeleton. In RMI application we have to write two programs server program which is resides on the server and the client program which is resides on the client. Server program’s main functionality is to create a remote object and the reference of that object is made available to the client using registry. …

Web Services

Simply Web Service may be a client-server application so as to speak in between applications over the network. it’s a language independent way of communication.

Web Services…

Web Services can be mainly categorized in to two types as follows,

  1. SOAP Web Services — Simple Object Access Protocol.
  2. RESTful Web Services — REpresentational State Transfer.

Java Web Services API

For the developing of Web Services java has defined two main APIs.

  1. JAX-WS
  2. JAX-RS

JAX-WS is SOAP Web Services and RESTful Web Services is JAX-RS.There are two ways to develop JAX-WS.

  1. JAVA RPC style.
  2. JAVA Document style.

The information stored in running programs is interpreted as data structures, for instance by sets of interconnected objects whereas the message information consists of byte sequences. The individual elements of primitive data transmitted in messages can be Data values of many types, and not all computers store primitive values like integers in the same order. Floating-point numbers also vary in representation Architectures respectively. There are two variants for the ordering of integers. That is big-endian order, in which the most significant byte comes first and little-endian order, in which most significant byte comes last. The set of codes used to…

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